Husky Water Dike - 5 Foot Length 1Husky Water Dike - 5 Foot Length 2
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This is the Husky Water Dike - 5 Foot Length. Husky Water Dikes are designed as a 6" diameter tube with various lengths to be filled with water and used as a diverter to keep wash down waste or spill waste from entering the aisle ways of a shop or the storm and sewer systems. These are great for keeping water waste contained when washing machinery, windows, etc. They come in several lengths and can be custom built to your requirements. The simple fill/closure valve is large enough to accept a garden hose for easy filling.


  • Materials: 22, 30, 40 oz. PVC
  • Optionally available in 40 oz. urethane (Call for pricing)
  • Fills with water
  • Easy to use fill/closure valve
  • Custom sizes available

NOTE: Husky water dikes are more effective on a smooth surface. A rough or porous surface will allow some leak through.
Model: HPC-HWD-65
Manufacturer: Husky Portable ContainmentHusky Portable Containment
Husky Warranty Details:

Husky Portable Containment (HPC) will warranty all welds and welded seams on most products for a Lifetime (10 years for bladder tanks). All warranty claims may be reviewed and inspected by HPC to determine if the claim will be honored. Pictures should be sent to to help determine warranty. If it is a repair that can be done by a repair kit then HPC will ship (regular ground) (within the upper 48 states in the USA, outside of the area or country the end user is responsible for all shipping charges which must be pre-paid) a repair kit to the end user for them to apply. HPC reserves the right to refuse any damaged claim due to end user negligence or product abuse. If it is determined to be a legitimate warranty issue HPC that cannot be repaired with a patch kit HPC will either replace the product (shipping regular ground) (all shipping charges outside the upper 48 states in the USA will need to be pre-paid by the end user before a replacement product will be shipped) completely with new or repair the product at HPC facility. HPC reserves the right to determine if the product can be repaired. If the product in question is to be returned for warranty repair HPC will pay only the return shipping costs (regular ground) within the upper 48 states in the USA, outside of the area or country the end user is responsible for all shipping charges which must be pre-paid. The cost to ship the product back to HPC will be the liability of the end user. The warranty period will begin at the time the product is delivered to the end user.

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