Fol-Da-Tank Double Supply Line Holder 1
Holder Size:

Lead Time:  3-6 Weeks
Ships From: Illinois


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Model: SLHD
Manufacturer: Fol-Da-Tank

This is the Fol-Da-Tank Double Supply Line Holder. The suppply line holder couples your hose securely to any portable water tank.

Construction Features:
  • Added filling source
  • Minimizes waste and turbulence
  • Frees up manpower for other important duties
  • Aluminum casting and steel bracket
  • NST and Storz available
  • Pump tested to 400 PSI for the double supply line holder
  • Round or square housing designs available for 4" and 5"
  • Corner mounts available
  • Convenient quick clamping with safety pins

Fol-Da-Tank Warranty Details:

We warranty FOL-DA-TANK Co. products to meet generally recognized standards of quality and excellence in the trade for goods of their type and kind. Should the heat sealed seams on a portable tank liner or the welds on a frame become defective FOL-DA-TANK Co. offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY replacement upon the return for inspection. Fol-Da-Tank liners and self supporting tanks purchased prior to 2006 we will repair at no charge, however the customer will be responsible for freight charges each way. A 3 year warranty applies to all strainers and accessories. We reserve the right of requiring the return of defective parts or tanks, transportation and insurance be prepaid, before a claim is recognized. Upon customers proof of delivery our warranty will be in effect. Misuse or abuse will automatically void this warranty. From 2011 to present look for your warranty stencil on all Fol-Da-Tank liners and self supporting tanks for proof of purchase.