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Model: QI-1016
Manufacturer: Quadel Industries

The Quadel Titan 1000 Gallon Above Ground Water Tank is perfect for your above ground water storage needs. Water tanks are at the heart of Quadel Industries Rotational Molding Division. One of our most essential needs for survival is water.

Storing rain water or well water is critical in making it through the dry season and for other applications as well.

Quadel Industries is the home of the Titan Tank series of rugged, durable, Rotationally Molded above ground water tanks ranging from 175 to 2500 gallons. All of our tanks are made from the best quality virgin polyethylene material that meets all FDA requirements for potable water storage and safe consumption.

Our Titan series tanks are ribbed to enhance the structural integrity and it makes them easier to handle and tie down during transport. Each of our tanks come complete with a manhole cover and two (2) bulk head fittings made of long lasting UV resistant polyethylene, ensuring your fittings will last for years to come. There are many different uses for our tanks, for example the 300 gallon tank makes an excellent water catchment system that you can place under your rain spout or other catchment areas. If you are looking to store large quantities of water indoors, our slim line 200 gallon tanks are narrow enough to fit between standard residential doors, allowing you to bring your water storage inside. If you are looking to build a large water system, then take a look at our Titan 2500 gallon tank! You can daisy chain four of these together to gain 10,000 gallons of potable water at your disposal along with a built in redundancy in the event of damage to one of the tanks in the system.

NOTE: This tank is too large to ship on a pallet, therefore it will ship free standing. Some slight scuffs and scrapes may occur during transit and are not considered as damage.

The Titan 1000 gallon water tank is large enough to provide a good storage platform for your rain water catchment system ensuring you have potable water for your plants and garden during the dry months.

  • Dimensions 82"D x 54"H
  • 2" Inlet, 2" Outlet, 16" Manway
  • Weight 200lbs
  • Corrugated design for structural integrity
  • Polyethylene water tank
  • Light weight design
  • UV stabilized
  • Corrosion proof
  • Tie down slots
  • Three year warranty

California Residents: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Click Here For More Information On The Proposition 65 Warning

Quadel Industries
Quadel Warranty Details:

Quadel Industries offers a 3-year warranty for all above ground, burial and hauling tanks.

Quadel Industries offers a 1-year warranty for all portable septic / holding tanks.

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