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PolyJohn Enterprises
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Model: PSW3-1000
Manufacturer: PolyJohn Enterprises

This is the PolyJohn Encore Standard Portable Sink. The all new Encore portable sink has been designed to meet the needs of operators, and the end user alike. With many improvements compared to past models, the Encore is our best single user standalone sink yet.

The biggest improvement from past models is the completely separate rotomolded sink basin. Now that the sink basin is separate from the fresh water tank the threat of cracking and cross contamination of fresh and gray water is eliminated. The bowl still conforms to full forearm regulations, but has less drop to keep trash from accumulating. Another improvement to this sink is the sturdy molded in baseplate. This makes the foot pump sturdier, with no extra piece that can tear away.

Features Include:

  • Separately rotomolded sink basin eliminates the possibility of cross contamination
  • Molded in base plate that makes the unit sturdier
  • Conforms to full forearm submersion regulations
  • Blue quarter turn fresh water fill port
  • Rubber tread wheels
  • Two convenient drain ports. One for fresh water and one for gray water.
  • Large hatch to gray water tank

  • Height: 62 in.
  • Width: 18 in.
  • Depth: 20 in.
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 15.5 Gallons
  • Gray Water Capacity: 19 Gallons
  • Pump Capacity (Per Stroke): 2 Fluid Oz
  • Number Of Dispenses: 992
  • Paper Towell Capacity: 1 Roll or 400 Single Fold
  • Weight (Empty): 47 lbs
  • Weight (Full): 177 lbs

Product Information
PDF  PolyJohn Encore Portable Sink Instructions
PolyJohn Enterprises

PolyJohn Warranty Details:


PolyJohn Enterprises warrants to the Purchaser that the Portable Sink sold to Purchaser is merchantable in quality and fit for the ordinary purpose for which it was intended, free from defects in material and in its manufacture for a period of one year (the "Warranty Period") from the date of purchase. Any misuse or abuse of the Portable Sink or component thereof* or failure to properly follow recommended procedures shall void this warranty. PolyJohn's responsibility with respect to their Portable Sinks or components thereof shall be limited to the foregoing.
1. In the event that the PolyJohn Portable Sink (1 year limited warranty) or component thereof (90 day limited warranty), proves defective in material or workmanship during the Warranty Period, claims regarding the Sink or component thereof shall be made by following the online submission form** stating the nature of the defect and that such claim occurred within the Warranty Period. On verification that the claim is valid, PolyJohn shall replace the Sink, or component thereof, found to be defective. Purchaser will be responsible for any shipping costs incurred.
2. PolyJohn shall in no case be liable for any damage to any property (other than the defect in the Sink, or component thereof, sold by PolyJohn), or for indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage caused to Purchaser, or any customer thereof, even if PolyJohn has been advised of such loss or damage, whether in contract, tort or otherwise. No obligation exists to replace the PolyJohn Portable Sink, or component thereof, should there be evidence that the Sink or component thereof, was subject to improper use, acts of God, handling, storage or assembly by the Purchaser.
3. In the event of any valid warranty claim against PolyJohn, PolyJohn shall not be responsible to Purchaser and will not bear liability for damages, however caused, to persons or property or for the loss of anticipated profits or for any direct, indirect or consequential damages suffered by Purchaser, or any employee or property thereof.

Filing Process for Warranty

PolyJohn reserves the right to request inspection of products for verification of defect, which may include returning some or all of the parts with shipping paid for by the purchaser. Once the items have been returned, inspected, and PolyJohn is found at fault shipping costs will be reimbursed. You may contact PolyJohn to arrange for return shipping if desired.

To file your warranty claim follow these steps:
1. Go to polyjohn.com/warranty/
2. Fill out necessary contact information
3. Fill in invoice number, date of purchase, product, and product serial numbers.
4. Upload an images of affected products
5. Submit and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


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