ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 1
ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 2ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 3ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 4ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 5ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 6ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank & Toolbox Combo (9\" Lid) 7
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Manufacturer: Aluminum Tank Industries

The ATI 42 Gallon Fuel Safe Gasoline Auxiliary Tank and Toolbox Combo (9" Lid) is the perfect setup for having room for extra fuel and your tools. Our aluminum auxiliary fuel tanks for gas are built to meet and exceed Title 49 CFR 393.65 for fuel tanks. The all aluminum .125" thick HD fuel tank was specifically designed for gasoline. All standard gas models come with the following features:

  • Vent fitting with rollover protection
  • Fuel pickup fitting
  • Fuel return fitting
  • Automotive style fuel filler cap
  • 3/8" npt drain fitting
  • Fully welded baffles to reduce content movement
  • Visual, pressure and video leak detection test
  • Tanks cleaned inside and out prior to shipping
  • Mounting Tabs
  • 1 Year limited warranty

Auxiliary Tank and Toolbox combos are great, secure solutions for tool and equipment storage as well as having the extra fuel capacity for your long trips!

The toolbox features:

  • All polished aluminum DP body construction
  • Polished industrial stainless locking handles
  • Automotive style gas shocks for lid
  • Extreme 3 layer lid design
  • Full aluminum piano hinge
  • Aero-beveled lid design

The FUEL SAFE fuel tank/toolbox combos take fuel security to a whole new level! The fuel filler and fittings are inside a compartment under the lockable lid of the toolbox. The fill and fittings are in a compartment that is separated from the toolbox storage area. The toolbox has its own floor unlike others who offer an economy tank/toolbox combo that uses the top of the fuel tank as the toolbox floor. The FUEL SAFE tank/toolbox combo gives you security for your fuel.

NOTE: The non fuel safe version of this tank is depicted. This tank will have a cover over the fill and fittings.

The gasoline auxiliary tank connects into the factory fuel system through the filler neck hose (optional 1 inch filler neck adapter available). The gasoline auxiliary tanks install very similar to the diesel ones, however it is not legal to gravity feed out of the bottom of the auxiliary tank with gasoline. By law, the fuel must be pulled from a fitting on TOP of the auxiliary tank. We add a pickup tube to the gas auxiliary tanks with a hose barb on the top of the tank. You must use an inline fuel pump (We recommend the Carter Universal Rotary Vane Electric Fuel Pump P4070) with a switch in cab to pull the fuel from the top of the aux tank and pump it into the factory tank via the fill neck hose.

We do offer the 1" fill neck adapters (optional) which work with most gas trucks. These adapters have two 3/8" hose barbs; one where your fuel comes in and one where we recommend running a return line back to the auxiliary tank. We also offer a hose and clamp kit (optional) that comes with 8 feet of hose, which should be enough to run from the aux tank to the pump, the pump to the filler neck adapter, and then a return line from the filler neck adapter back to the aux tank.

On some trucks, you may to run another hose from the vent on the aux tank and "T" into the vent line that runs along with the filler neck hose. This will close the system to ensure you don't get check engine or loose gas cap lights. Another option is to simply cap/plug the vent on the tank and the auxiliary tank will vent through the factory tank via the return line.

NOTE: Due to the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations, we will NOT offer gasoline auxiliary fuel tanks for sale in the state of California for the purpose of connecting to the vehicles factory fuel system. Our diesel auxiliary tanks and all refueling tanks for gas or diesel WILL remain available for sale in the state of California.

Please be aware that tanks/toolboxes may have mounting tabs that extend the dimensions of the tank by 1 1/2 inches on each side. This is NOT accounted for when viewing the displayed dimensions of the tanks/toolboxes. Please be sure to account for this when measuring for fitment of your tank/toolbox.

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Need a custom tank? No problem! Please click here to select a custom tank style and provide us with your requirements!

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Aluminum Tank Industries (ATI) Warranty Details:

Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. warrants all products to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from invoice ship date from our warehouse. Severe Series refueling tanks are covered for 5 years. Standard duty tanks are designed for use with transfer pumps up to 30 lbs. Installing a pump over 30 lbs on a standard duty tank will void warranty. A Severe Series tank is required if using a transfer pump over 30 lbs. If upon our inspection we deem the item to be defective, Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. will determine whether to repair or replace the defective item. It is the customers responsibility to ship the item to Aluminum Tank Industries, Inc. No cost for labor, installation, or missing contents will be reimbursed. Damages due to shipping and handling, improper installation, abuse - intentional or accidental, or normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. Warranty is void if the tank has been altered.

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