Fol-Da-Tank Folding Frame Tank Replacement Liner - 1500 Gallon 1
Heavy Duty 30oz Floor Liner:

Material & Color:

Lead Time:  3-6 Weeks
Ships From: Illinois


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Model: FDTL-1500
Manufacturer: Fol-Da-Tank

This is the Fol-Da-Tank 1500 Gallon Folding Frame Tank Replacement Liner. This replacement tank liner is specifically designed to fit either the steel or aluminum Fol-Da-Tank folding frame tanks.


1. "Easy Lift Handles" - Side wall mounted handles helps the firefighter to pick up the liner when closing the tank. Grab handle kits are also available for existing tanks.

2. Heavy Duty Floor Design - When ordering a 22 oz. Vinyl or HPR tank you can get an optional 30 oz. floor at no extra charge. Specify when ordering.

3. Quick Release Drains (a-d). - Placed on the inside of the tank so water pressure will seal off the drain sleeve. With pull strap for emptying the tank. More streamed lined for better traffic flow.

4. Liners - 17 oz. and 22 oz. HPR (High Performance Rubber), 22 oz. and 30 oz. Vinyl

Constructions Features:
  • New rugged HPR High Performance Rubber (replaced hypalon), 22 oz. or 30 oz. Vinyl
  • Solid brass grommets
  • Closely spaced grommets to prevent the liner from sagging
  • Liner pick up grab handles (NEW & IMPROVED)

Liner Fabrics:

The most reliable fabrics to choose from.
  • 17 oz. HPR High Performance Rubber - Red or Yellow
  • 22 oz. HPR High Performance Rubber - Red or Yellow
  • 22 oz. Vinyl - Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange or Forest Green
  • 30 oz. Vinyl - Red, Yellow, Black or Orange

HPR is a formulated fabric made specifically for Fol-Da-Tank Company with proprietary rights. Unlike other company's that put a fancy trademark name on an existing fabric. Fol-Da-Tank has tested the New HPR fabric in the cold climates of Alaska to the extreme hot desert of the Middle East for over 5 years. HPR (High Performance Rubber) has been designed with UV, heat and puncture resistance, along with abrasion and cold cracking (-60 degrees F) qualities. Fol-Da-Tank Company guarantees this fabric with a "LIFETIME WARRANTY" on the hot air or R.F. (Dielectric Radio Frequency) heat sealed seams! The HPR formulation allows Fol-Da-Tank to offer the best fabric on the market today. HPR is used in our standard folding frame tanks, our flexible pillow style tanks, self-supporting onion style tanks and secondary containment berms. The possiblities are endless! When choosing the superior liner fabric Fol-Da-Tank Company offers the versatile HPR fabric for all your liquid containment needs!

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Tank Handles

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Fol-Da-Tank Warranty Details:

We warranty FOL-DA-TANK Co. products to meet generally recognized standards of quality and excellence in the trade for goods of their type and kind. Should the heat sealed seams on a portable tank liner or the welds on a frame become defective FOL-DA-TANK Co. offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY replacement upon the return for inspection. Fol-Da-Tank liners and self supporting tanks purchased prior to 2006 we will repair at no charge, however the customer will be responsible for freight charges each way. A 3 year warranty applies to all strainers and accessories. We reserve the right of requiring the return of defective parts or tanks, transportation and insurance be prepaid, before a claim is recognized. Upon customers proof of delivery our warranty will be in effect. Misuse or abuse will automatically void this warranty. From 2011 to present look for your warranty stencil on all Fol-Da-Tank liners and self supporting tanks for proof of purchase.