Fill-Rite 900CD1.5BSPT Digital Meter, 1.5 in. Inlet, 1.5 in. Outlet 1
Lead Time:  1-3 Days
Ships From: Nebraska

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Model: 900CD1.5BSPT
Manufacturer: Fill-Rite

The 900CD1.5BSPT , Digital Flow Meter has easy to read 4-digit LCD counter display. 6 - 40 GPM, +/- 1.25% accuracy. Measures in Gallons, Liters, Quarts, Pints, Ounces and User Defined Units.  Battery Operated (2 AA batteries Included), UL Listed.

Features & Benefits

  • +/- 1.25 % Accuracy
  • 6 - 40 GPM
  • 50 psi
  • 1.5 in. Inlet, 1.5 in. Outlet BSPT Threads
  • Electronic Head is Easily Removed and Rotates Every 90 to Suit Customer Needs
  • BSPT Threads
  • Measures in Gallons, Quarts, Pints, Ounces, Liters and User Defined Units
  • Large 3/4 in., 4-digit LCD counter
  • Sleep Mode to Reduce Power Consumption
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Compatible with Gasoline, E15, BioDiesel, Diesel, Kerosene, Standard Solvents and Heptanes
  • Seven-Digit Resettable and Non-Resettable Totalizer
  • Memory Backup in Case of Power Failure
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 180 F
  • Replaces model 900DB1.5BSPT

Detailed Information

PDF  Fill-Rite 900CD1.5BSPT Technical Specifications

PDF  Fill-Rite 900CD1.5BSPT Digital Meter Manual

Fill-Rite Warranty Details:


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