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Quadel 350 Gallon Burial Water Tank 1
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Ships From: Oregon

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Model: QI-1662
Manufacturer: Quadel Industries

The Titan 350 gallon burial water tank is designed to withstand being buried and still retain its holding capability. This 350 gallon capacity tank has a unique ribbed design and over 40lbs of additional resin material to give enhanced structural integrity.

Quadel Industries Burial Tanks are structurally designed to handle being buried in the ground making them ideal for below ground water storage tanks. These small cisterns are ideal for water storage form your rain water catchments systems or for storage from your well or spring.

This tank has seven 3" female threaded fittings and an 8" diameter lid.

  • Dimensions 88" x 44" x 21.5"
  • Weight 140lbs

Quadel Industries
Quadel Warranty Details:

Quadel Industries offers a 3-year warranty for all above ground, burial and hauling tanks.

Quadel Industries offers a 1-year warranty for all portable septic / holding tanks.