Husky Eagle II Air Chamber Wall Berm - 12\' x 50\' x 3\" 1
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Model: EII-12503
Manufacturer: Husky Portable Containment

This is the Husky Eagle II Air Chamber Wall Berm - 12' x 50' x 3". Husky Air Wall Berms have a continuous air chamber that allows the air to disperse throughout the chamber when driving in and out of the berm. This design, along with the pressure relief valve, eliminates any blowouts.

Husky air wall berms are a one piece construction and are manufactured with materials ranging from 22 oz. pvc. to 40 oz. urethanes and everything in between. These berms are great when storage space is limited. There are no metal or plastic pieces, rods or foam to complicate folding and create a bulky package. They are also lighter than other one piece berms.

  • Drive through, in and out
  • Continuous air wall construction
  • Straps in the corners and every 10' down the sides
  • Easy set up and storage
  • Storage bag included
  • Optional tread pads
  • In house repairs
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Material Options: PVC's from 22 oz. - 30 oz., All XR materials, Urethanes
  • Wall sizes from 3" to 24", 3" to 6" walls can be driven over
  • Standard valves: Schrader valve, Pressure relief valve and boat valve
  • Maneuvering straps in corners and every 10 feet
  • "Quick Fix" Field Repair Kit comes standard with every air wall berm

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Husky Eagle II Air Chamber Wall Berm Specs
Husky Portable Containment
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