Hastings 12GA Bottomless Stock Tank - 25\' Diameter - 33\" High - 7343 Gallons 1
Hastings 12GA Bottomless Stock Tank - 25\' Diameter - 33\" High - 7343 Gallons 2Hastings 12GA Bottomless Stock Tank - 25\' Diameter - 33\" High - 7343 Gallons 3
Hastings Equity Manufacturing

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Model: BT123325
Manufacturer: Hastings Equity Manufacturing

This is the Hastings 12GA Bottomless Stock Tank, 25' Diameter, 33" High, 7343 Gallon.

NOTE: There is NO BOTTOM on this tank. Most customers create a bottom by either installing a pool liner - or installing in wet concrete to create a concrete bottom - or even using bentonite clay to form the "bottom" of the tank. This is only for the sidewalls and the hardware required to connect all the sidewalls to form a ring.

The Hastings bottomless tank is the only one on the market that is actually engineered to be a bottomless tank. While our competitors use repurposed or rejected grain bin sheets, we utilize a design that is more superior for livestock watering needs. Features include: 12GA G90 galvanized steel, a 33" sidewall height for added gallonage, rolled hem on top of the tank provides safety and decreased installation time (no tricky angle irons to bolt on top). Sheets are notched on the end for complete compression of the seams, meaning fewer leaks for you. Lastly the seams overlap 2.25" and are sealed with butyl tape along with a double row of .3125" steel bolts. (Included with each tank).

PLEASE NOTE: All "bottomless" stock tank orders are FINAL and cannot be changed after your order has been placed. These tanks begin the production process immediately after the order is received. They cannot be changed or canceled due to the amount of material involved.

Detailed Information
  • Sections: 10
  • Diameter: 25'
  • Approximate Capacity: 7343 gallons
  • Weight: 1080 lbs.

Hastings Equity Manufacturing

Hastings Warranty Details:

Hastings Equity Manufacturing offers a 10-year warranty on the bottomless stock tanks.

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