Saddle, Bracket & Skid Fuel Tanks – What’s the Difference?

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Skid tanks, bracket tanks, and saddle tanks are different types of support structures for aboveground fuel storage tanks. Each of these structures serves a distinct purpose and offers unique advantages. Here’s a brief overview of the key differences between them:

  1. Skid Tanks:
    • A skid tank is an aboveground fuel storage tank mounted on a steel skid. The skid serves as a portable base for the tank, allowing it to be easily moved or transported to different locations, often with the use of a forklift.
    • Skid tanks are typically used for temporary storage or in situations where the tank may need to be relocated periodically. Common applications include construction sites, remote drilling operations, and emergency response situations.
  2. Bracket Tanks:
    • A bracket fuel tank, also known as a stand-mounted fuel tank, is a tank that is supported by a set of brackets, legs, or supports. They range in size from 300 to 2000 gallons. These brackets are attached to the tank and rest on a solid foundation, such as a concrete pad. The tank is securely fastened to the brackets to provide stability.
    • Bracket tanks are often used in situations where the tank needs to be permanently installed but does not require a full steel or concrete base like a skid. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for storing gasoline or diesel fuel.
  3. Saddle Tanks:
    • A saddle fuel tank is secured using a saddle assembly that wraps around below the tank and connects the tank to the saddle. They are larger tanks and typically range in size from 3000 to 20,000 gallons.
    • Saddle tanks are often used when space is limited or when it is more convenient to mount the tank horizontally. They are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for storing gasoline or diesel fuel.

In summary, the primary differences between skid tanks, bracket tanks, and saddle tanks lie in their support structures and intended applications. Skid tanks are portable and typically used for temporary storage, bracket tanks are permanently installed on brackets or legs, and saddle tanks are larger horizontal tanks (3000 gallons and larger) and are mounted horizontally on a saddle base. The choice of tank support structure depends on factors such as the required mobility and your installation location.

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