RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Scratch / Dent) 1
RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Scratch / Dent) 2RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Scratch / Dent) 3RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Scratch / Dent) 4RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Scratch / Dent) 5

RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Scratch / Dent) 6
RDS Manufacturing
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Model: RDS-71783NR
Manufacturer: RDS Manufacturing

This is the RDS 63 Gallon Wedge Diesel Auxiliary Tank (Scratch / Dent).

These tanks have scratches, dents or weld burns. These are not pristine tanks! These aluminum fuel tanks are sold "AS IS". There is no warranty and no returns. All of these tanks have been tested to ensure there are no leaks or structural integrity concerns. All of these particular tanks are sold "sight unseen". They typically have dents, scratches or weld burns. We do not have pictures of each tank and we cannot provide those to you. The pictures that you see above are strictly EXAMPLES of types of issues that a tank may have. These are NOT the exact pictures of the tank that you would receive.

An Ideal option for fifth wheel applications. The tank has the clearance needed for a fifth wheel, while still adding additional fuel capacity to your factory tank. Auxiliary tanks can be used as additional capacity for a factory tank with the use of an RDS diesel install kit. Shop for better fuel prices with this increased range. All tanks Meet DOT standards.

Diesel Install kits are optionally available. Not intended to be used for gasoline. Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: For safety reasons, the filler neck of these tanks prevents them from being overfilled. Actual usable tank capacity is about 95% of the total advertised gallons.


  • Special Permit issued by the US Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Helps driver see fifth wheel hitch
  • Includes a plate for installing a remote gauge (not included)
  • ROV vent valve prevents spilling
  • Aluminum diesel tank
  • Mounting brackets
  • Built in baffles to reduce movement of contents and sloshing
  • Pressure tested for leaks
  • Uses include diesel, water, fertilizer oil, bio fuel, combustible fuel
  • 1 year limited warranty

Please be aware that tanks/toolboxes may have mounting tabs that extend the dimensions of the tank by 1 inch on each side. This is NOT accounted for when viewing the displayed dimensions of the tanks/toolboxes. Please be sure to account for this when measuring for fitment of your tank/toolbox.

Detailed Information

RDS Auxiliary Wedge Fuel Tank Size

PDF  RDS Auxiliary Tank Installation Instructions
RDS Manufacturing
RDS Manufacturing Warranty Details:

No warranty and no returns for scratch/dent products.