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RainFlo 230v Pump Control 1
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Model: PM230VPC
Manufacturer: Poly-Mart

The RainFlo RM-PC230A pump control provides automatic Multi-function control for your water pump including start and stop control based on user demand (flow), demand-side pressure display via built-in pressure gauge, run-dry protection and a check valve (non-return valve) function. It provides direct control of water pumps up to 3 horsepower at 230V.

The pump start pressure (low pressure threshold and start trigger), is adjustable through a screw on the back side of the unit. As with most pump controllers, the system high pressure is based on the pump output.

The RM-PC230A electronic controller commands the starting and stopping of single-phase electric water pumps whenever a tap or valve connected to the installation is opened or closed, respectively. When the pump is started, it keeps running as long as any connected tap remains open, supplying the network with the required flow at the related pressure.

Construction Characteristics:

  • Inlet connection: 1-1/4" male
  • Outlet connection: 1-1/4" male
  • Non-water hammer check valve
  • Dry-running protection system
  • ON/OFF button for forced manual restart
  • AUTO RESET function for automatic start after a failure
  • State LED:
1 - Green led lights up: the unit is off
2 - Green LED and red LED flash alternately at 1 HZ, pump in operation
3 - Green LED and red LED flash alternately (Green LED 2.5 seconds, red LED 0.5 seconds), pump stops, waiting to start
4 - Red LED lights up: system failure: after troubleshooting, restart the unit after the power is turned off for less than 5 seconds can solve the state

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  • Power supply voltage: 1~220-250V
  • Maximum current : 25 A
  • Max pump power : 2200W at 1-220-250V
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Protection class : IP 65 (*)
  • Ambient temperature : 0 /+140 F
  • Liquid temperature : 0 /+140 F
  • Max flow rate : 44 GPM
  • Max operating pressure : 145 PSI

(*)Provided the cable glands and screws in cover have been suitably tightened


Poly-Mart Warranty Details:

Poly-Mart carries a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacture date. The warranty covers manufacturer defects. Poly-Mart is liable for the value of the tank itself and specifically excludes the cost of labor for installation and/or removal of personal property. We are also not liable for personal/property damages. Poly-Mart is not liable for tank failure if the tank is damaged by the customer. Poly-Mart water tanks are for water applications only. Painting or any other structural changes made to the tank voids the warranty. For our complete 5-year limited warranty details, please click this link.