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Ships From: Oregon

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Model: QI-2010
Manufacturer: Quadel Industries

Quadel Industries has been manufacturing portable toilets for over 2 decades and is well known for its "Gotta Go John" Porta Potties. Our Portable Toilets are manufactured using the Rotational Molding Process which gives them a rugged one piece seamless design adding strength and durability for years of service. Our Gotta Go John Portable Toilets come in 3 colors (Red, Green and Blue). For orders of less than 10 the color must be blue. We can even accommodate custom colors on large orders.

Special features:
  • Skylight: Translucent polyethylene with polyethylene screen for ventilation
  • Vents: Five polyethylene inset louvered with eight aluminum pop rivets all vents 1/8 inch screen mesh
  • Paper Dispenser: Covered polyethylene with protected Square pegs
  • Tank Vent: 4 inch pipe in the corner secured with aluminum pop rivets
  • Door Closers: Two quality springs covered to cut down vandalism
  • Door Latch: Aluminum handle lockable from outside and "in use" read external lock
  • Door Handle: Polyethylene
  • Urinal: Flush fitting high decided with direct entry
  • Handholds: Improves mobility
OPTIONAL: Piggy Back Wash Station may be included for your portable hand wash needs. This innovative product allows you to place a convenient wash station mounted directly on the back of our portable toilets giving you a completely portable rest room solution. The unit comes complete with a drinking spigot, washing spigot and waste paper holder, along with 40 gallons of water capacity that drains directly into the portable toilets holding tank.
Piggyback Wash Station

NOTE: This portable restroom is too large to ship on a pallet, therefore it will ship free standing. Some slight scuffs and scrapes may occur during transit and are not considered as damage.

Detailed Information
PDF  Quadel Gotta-Go John Portable Toilet

  • Base: 44"
  • Door: 24" x 72"
  • Shoulder Clearance 43" x 48"
  • Standing Height 95.5"
  • Interior Height: 81.5"
  • Seat Height: 20"
  • Weight: 210 lbs.

Quadel Industries
Quadel Warranty Details:

Quadel Industries offers a 1-year warranty for all portable hand wash stations and portable toilets.