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Model: PB-HB64PRO
Manufacturer: Powerblanket

Powerblanket Bulk Material Hot Box Heater - 4 x 4 x 4. 120 Volt - 1440 Watt - 12 Amps. Powerblanket HB64PRO-1440 bulk material hot boxes come standard with an external digital thermostatic controller allowing you to adjust the heaters temperature. The HB64PRO-1440 is fully insulated so it retains heat in extreme weather conditions. Save time and money by protecting your products from freezing without the risk of overheating. UL/CSA compliant. Heats pallets of bulk materials. Works for pallets with dimensions of 4' X 4 '. Whether you need a means for protecting temperature-sensitive materials in storage, or you need a heating solution for onsite temperature maintenance, the Powerblanket Hot Box is the answer for you. This versatile heating solution accommodates remote-location use, job site heating, the transporting of temperature sensitive material, and much more.

Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to temperature sensitive materials. The revolutionary design of Powerblanket Hot Boxes provides heat to all materials stored inside. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. If stored properly; chemicals, industrial products, and temperature sensitive materials will last longer, be easier to use and be more effective. In turn, this saves time, hassle, and money.

Powerblanket HB64PRO-1440 Bulk Material Hot Box Heater

  • Maintains an internal temperature of 120F / 49C (+/- 5F / 3C)
  • Provides an insulated full-wrap design
  • Delivers uniform heat to temperature sensitive materials & products
  • Offers a quick and easy assembly for portability and storage
  • Localize heat and save money by not heating a warehouse or building
  • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning
  • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures
  • Is a great solution for palletized products: paint, caulk, resins and epoxies, etc.
  • An ultra-durable, vinyl shell
  • A digital controller for thermostatic heat regulation
  • The highest watt density of our Hot Box line at 1440 watts
  • An internal aluminum frame
  • Heated Dimensions = 64 cubic feet - 4' x 4' x 4'
  • 2 ft cord for the Hot Box / 6 ft cord for the external thermostat
  • Certified by ETL to UL, CSA & CE safety standards

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Powerblanket Warranty Details:

All Powerblanket products come with a 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.