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Powerblanket Foam Box Heater For Single Component Cylinder 1Powerblanket Foam Box Heater For Single Component Cylinder 2
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Powerblanket Foam Box Heater For Single Component Cylinder. 120 Volt - 280 Watts - Max Temperature 110F (+/- 10F). 600 board foot box. Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to temperature sensitive materials. The revolutionary design of Powerblanket foam box heaters provides uniform heat to spray foam systems, eliminating any hot and cold spots. Powerblanket products provide a maintenance free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. If stored properly, spray foam systems will last longer and be more effective. In turn, this saves time, hassle, and money.

  • Quickly heats materials to a preset 110F/43C (+/- 10F/5C)
  • Provide an insulated full-wrap design
  • Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive spray foam products
  • Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning
  • Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures
Model: PB-FBW60
Manufacturer: PowerblanketPowerblanket
Detailed Information

  • Container Dimensions: Single Cylinder
  • Container Volume Size: 600 Board Foot Box
  • Thermostat Type: Internal Preset Temperature
  • Voltage: 120
  • AMPS: 2.33
  • Watts: 280
  • Power Cord Type: 15 AMP Plug

PDF  Powerblanket Standard Instruction Guide
Powerblanket Warranty Details:

All Powerblanket products come with a 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.