Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting First Flush Tank - 150 Gallon - 4\" Inlet 1Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting First Flush Tank - 150 Gallon - 4\" Inlet 2
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Model: PM150FFHW4
Manufacturer: Poly-Mart

This 150 Gallon, 4 inch Inlet, rain harvesting first flush tank is essential for true rainwater harvesting. Poly-Mart is proud to introduce the FIRST Polyethylene Rainwater Harvesting First Flush Tanks! Poly-Mart First Flush Tanks are used for larger rainwater harvesting applications needing to divert quantities of water close to or in excess of 100 gallons. Today, large rain harvesting First Flush Systems are generally made out of 4", 6" or 12" PVC pipe. Systems using 12" PVC pipe to create the flush chamber can be costly and tend to be unattractive. 20 feet of 12" PVC pipe holds roughly 115 gallons of water and is expensive. Poly-Mart First Flush Tanks offer a more aesthetically appealing option at a faction of the cost. These tanks are designed for above ground use and are available in eleven different colors!

Poly-Mart 150 Gallon Rain Harvesting First Flush Tank Features:
  • Poly-Mart 5 Year Warranty
  • Heavy Weight 58 lbs.
  • 150 Gallons of Capacity 36"D x 58"H
  • 1.5" Spin Weld Fitting w/ Plug for Draining
  • Raised 3/4" Spin Weld fitting for Hose Spigot
  • 1.5" Bulkhead at top of Tank for PVC Pipe Extension Vent
  • 4" Inlet Fitting on Top Flat

Includes 3/4" Brass Spigot & Oulet Tank Plug - 1.9 Specific Gravity

Color Options

Poly-Mart Color Options
*Our Black and Dark Green colored tanks are manufactured with compounded resin which allows zero sunlight into the tank.


Poly-Mart Warranty Details:

Poly-Mart carries a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacture date. The warranty covers manufacturer defects. Poly-Mart is liable for the value of the tank itself and specifically excludes the cost of labor for installation and/or removal of personal property. We are also not liable for personal/property damages. Poly-Mart is not liable for tank failure if the tank is damaged by the customer. Poly-Mart water tanks are for water applications only. Painting or any other structural changes made to the tank voids the warranty. For our complete 5-year limited warranty details, please click this link.

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