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Model: PM300CT
Manufacturer: Poly-Mart

The Poly-Mart 300 Gallon Open Top Containment Tank helps to limit your liability and conserve the environment in your chemical storage application. Federal, State and Local agencies are enforcing rules and regulations regarding spills, leaks and overflows from Chemical Storage Tanks in the Industrial and Oil & Gas Industries. Spills and leaks can be hazardous to the environment and costly to your organization. With those concerns in mind, we have designed these Spill Containment Trays to fit our 250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank, our 200 & 250 Gallon Vertical Tanks and well as 275 Gallon IBC Totes or Intermediate Bulk Containers.

Our 300 Gallon Spill Containment Basins are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and also have built-in UV inhibitors to avoid color fading and break down from harsh sunlight. Spill Containment Tanks are designed for an Eco-Friendly way of storing chemical. The Chemical Tank is stored inside the Containment Tank for added protection in case of a leak or a spill in the Storage Tank. In case of a chemical spill, the 300 gallon capacity on this unit allows for all the chemical in the Storage Tank to empty and still have room for accumulated rainfall in-case of a rain event during the spill.

Poly-Mart 300 Gallon Spill Containment Tank Features:
  • Poly-Mart 5 Year Warranty
  • 300 Gallons of Capacity
  • 86"L x 53.25"W x 18.25"H
  • 70 lbs.
  • (4) 4" x 4" Recessed Flats
  • (10) 3"W x 17"H Ribs for added rigidity
  • Tapered design for nesting during shipping

Available in Black in quantites of (1). All colors available in even number quantities.

Product Detailed Drawing
PDF  Poly-Mart 300 Gallon Containment Tank

Chemical Resistance Chart
Excel  Chemical Resistance Chart

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Available in Black in quantites of (1). All colors available in even number quantities.
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Poly-Mart Warranty Details:

Poly-Mart carries a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacture date. The warranty covers manufacturer defects. Poly-Mart is liable for the value of the tank itself and specifically excludes the cost of labor for installation and/or removal of personal property. We are also not liable for personal/property damages. Poly-Mart is not liable for tank failure if the tank is damaged by the customer. Poly-Mart water tanks are for water applications only. Painting or any other structural changes made to the tank voids the warranty. For our complete 5-year limited warranty details, please click this link.

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